It’s almost the end of April, the weather in the UK is awful only like half of the time, and I decided anyway that it’s spring time so I’m wearing spring clothes, regardless the outside temperature. So you know what that means…

It also means it’s time for a recap on my second stint at reading more graphic novels. This month, I read 4 graphic novels, chipping away at the list of recommendations I was given on Instagram.

I Kill Giants and jammy dodgers

I started with I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura, for basically the only reason that it’s a standalone (I honestly couldn’t pick!). The art style is somewhere between manga and western comics, and I found it very interesting. I have to say, it took me a bit to get into the story, I couldn’t really warm up to Barbara at the beginning, but the ending was surprisingly touching and I have to admit I shed a tear or two (or ten).

Then second one I read made is another one that made me cry – yes you guessed it, it was Blue is The Warmest Color, by Julie Maroh. I had watched the movie when it came out, but the graphic novel is very different and I have to say I liked it even more than the movie. It’s intense and absolutely addictive, and it made me cry a whole ocean when I finished it. I’d definitely recommend it not only to people interested in LGBT+ novels (it’s a staple of LGBT+ fiction), but to anyone interested in reading a fantastic story about identity, love and relationships.

The third graphic novel I read this month was Paper Girls vol. 1, by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang, Matthew Wilson, and Jared K. Fletcher – which I read in one single evening. This one is the dictionary definition of a page-turner, it hooks you right from the beginning. My favourite of the four main characters was KJ, but I loved them all and I’m already looking forward to t reading volume 2!

Finally, I read Blankets, by Craig Thompson, which was the most highly recommended one back at the beginning of March. I found the prospect of reading this and Cameron Post at the same time a bit daunting, so I put this off for a couple of weeks. When I started reading it, however, I realised I was going through this graphic novel very quickly – mostly because I literally couldn’t put it down (and gravity was working against me with this one). I had very high expectations and Blankets lived up to all of them: it’s incredibly deep and poetic and everything you could ever hope for in a beautifully drawn graphic novel that deals with themes such as identity, religion and love.

My little experiment will probably end here – as in, there won’t be a #GraphicNovelMay, because I feel that would be pushing it a bit. But that does not mean I’ll stop reading graphic novels: after all, I still have a loooong list of recommendations to go through! I’ve also really enjoyed pushing myself out of my literary comfort zone (fiction) and trying out a new genre. I’ll definitely keep checking the graphic novel section of my library for new graphic novels (and volumes 2 of Saga and Paper Girls) to read. Another big thank you again to all those who sent me recommendations on Instagram!

This is M signing out for now ✨

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